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Automobile Insurance Coverage:Understanding Endorsements and Changes to Your Automobile Insurance Policy

If you are in the process of purchasing a new or replacement automobile insurance policy, you may have some basic questions about a typical car insurance policy. In this regard, you may be wondering what is meant by and involved with endorsements and changes to your automobile policy. Through this article, you will be provided with some basic information about understanding endorsements and changes to your automobile insurance policy.

Endorsements -- Defined

The general, technical definition of endorsement is a document that includes language that is added to a policy of insurance, added to a policy of insurance for the purposes of changing the terms and conditions of a policy of insurance.

A simpler version of the definition of endorsement is a written amendment attached to an insurance policy that modified the terms and conditions of that insurance policy or contract.

Finally, an often used definition of endorsement is a written agreement that works to change the terms and conditions of an insurance policy. The endorsement will either add to or subtract from the coverage provisions of a particular policy of insurance.

An endorsement is also known as a rider. The definition of both endorsement and rider when it comes to car insurance and matters relating to a car insurance company essentially are the same.

How Are Endorsements Made

An endorsement can be added at the commencement of a term in which an insurance policy in in force and effect. Additionally, an endorsement in some instances can be added during the term of the insurance policy.

The car insurance company will notify a consumer of its intention of modifying a policy of insurance pursuant to an endorsement.

Generally speaking, an endorsement cannot change the basic elements of a car insurance policy -- unless there is a provision in the original car insurance policy that allows for such an endorsement.

The insurance commissioner in your state must first approve any car insurance policy endorsement before it will be allowed to be issued to go into effect.

Questions About an Endorsement

If your car insurance company is intending to issue an endorsement in relation to your own policy of insurance, and if you find that you have questions about the endorsement, you should visit with your car insurance agent or with a representative from the car insurance company immediately. These professionals should be able to answer any questions that you might have in regard to an endorsement to your car insurance policy.

Finally, if you have some serious concerns about an endorsement that has been added to your car insurance policy, your stateís insurance commissioner can also provide you with assistance. Each insurance commissionerís office has a consumer assistance division that can assist you with questions and problems relating to an endorsement to a car insurance policy.


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